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Aerie Membership

Auxiliary Membership

Aerie Membership is open to both male and female persons 21 years of age or older.  New members pay a one-time $15.00 initiation fee and $36.00 annual membership fee. 

Application For Membership

To obtain an application, come in the Aerie and ask the bartender for the application.  After completing the application and payment of the initiation fee, you will have access to the Social Room and Buffet using your receipt until your membership is complete and you receive your membership card.  The annual membership fee will be due before initiation.   

When the application is complete and fees paid, you will be contacted to set up a brief 10 to 15 minute interview.  When the interview is complete, you will be scheduled for initiation at the next 3rd Tuesday Aerie meeting.

Auxiliary Membership is for females ONLY who are 21 years of age or older.  New member initiation fee is $10.00 and the annual membership fee is $25.00.    


Application For Membership

To obtain an application, follow the same procedure as for the Aerie Membership.  You will follow the same process as an Aerie member except your initiation will be scheduled for the 4th Tuesday Auxiliary meeting.   


Member Benefits

As with many organizations with membership, the Eagles have numerous companies that extend discounts to Eagle Members.  To see a list of participating companies click the link below.