Fraternal Order of the Eagles Lost Dutchman #3850

Regular meetings of  Lost Dutchman Aerie #3850
are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 pm.  

All Aerie members are invited and encouraged to attend the meetings.  Each Aerie has Officers, elected by Aerie Members, as directed by the Grand Aerie.  However the members of the Aerie, at regular meetings, are those who make decisions and govern the Aerie in accordance with Aerie and Grand Aerie Constitution and By-Laws.  YOUR VOTE COUNTS !

For those of you who haven’t attended the meetings or need refreshing, here is a brief overview.  The minutes from the last meeting will be read.  There will be reporting on the financials of the club, including bank balances, etc.  There could be discussion of old business held over from the previous meeting.  The floor will be opened for new business.  New business is wide in range, from building or club improvements, to voting on who and how much to give to charities who have petitioned the Aerie for funds.  If a motion is brought forth and seconded, it will be put before the members for a vote.  Again… your vote counts !  The second meeting of the month, on the 3rd Tuesday, includes induction of new members.  Attending this meeting affords the opportunity to meet and welcome the new members.

The only way to truly stay informed about what is going on in the Aerie is to ATTEND THE MEETINGS!